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Editor's Picks: A Strenuous Month in Kyiv

Essential Reading: Hollie's Afghanistan Journey

Video: Dispatch from Afghanistan: Defying the Taliban, Afghan girls open underground schools in the fight for education

Making sense of the alarming “Terrorists are Using Crypto” headlines

Dispatch from Ukraine: Why U.S. military veterans are risking their lives in the most dangerous pockets of Ukraine

Dispatch from Ukraine: What life is really like in Ukraine’s East Under Russian Bombardment

Special Video: Hollie Answers Questions about Ukraine from Instagram Followers

VIDEO: Dispatch from Afghanistan: How Afghanistan’s Ministry of Justice is preparing to implement its legal code from whipping and hand-cutting to stonings and executions

Donbas: Video Dispatch from the Front Lines in Eastern Ukraine

AFGHANISTAN: The End of the U.S. Footprint and Rise of the Taliban Rule (please get your pre-orders in)

Warzones: Getting Ready to Return to Ukraine

Video: Dispatch from Afghanistan: How is the Taliban making millions? Turning to untapped coal mines and coveted mineral deposits amid a surge in demand from Ukraine War

Video: Meet the Retired Air Force Colonel dedicated to bringing home the remains of American civilians killed by ISIS in Syria

Video: From Sadr City to the Spartan’s Pledge with Weed and Warfighters’ Rights Activism In-Between: The Mission Behind Retired Paratrooper Boone Cutler

Exclusive Video Friday: Hollie's Advice to Aspiring Journalists

Video: Dispatch from Afghanistan: What is really going on between the Taliban and China in the mining sector, and what other countries are moving in on the wealth

Exclusive Video: Hollie Talks About What Happens Between Overseas Trips

Dispatches from Afghanistan: Inside Panjshir Valley, the remnants of a forsaken resistance

Dispatch from the Middle East: Operation Good Neighbor: Behind The Israeli Mission To Treats Thousands Of Wounded Syrians Along The Rebel-Held Border

Dispatch from the Middle East: What The Iran Nuclear Deal Really Means...More Blood In Ukraine And Deepening Humanitarian Disasters

Wasting away behind bars: Inside the forgotten, fast-fading life of Pakistani physician who helped pinpoint Bin Laden

Dispatch from Afghanistan: More than a year on, what it is really like working as a foreign journalist under the Taliban

Dispatch from Afghanistan: Inside the deadly terrorist attack that killed dozens of Afghan school girls... “We can come out of our home at our own will. But we are not sure if we are going to return.”

West Point’s “Father of Modern Combatives” on why most PTSD cases are actually “moral injury”

Exclusive Video: First Debrief of Hollie's Recent Visit to Afghanistan

Still seeking answers, Gold Star Wife of the 2017 Niger Ambush is starting a non-profit to end coverups at the DoD

Dispatch: How Founder Of SmartHER News And Former FOX News Anchor, Jenna Lee Is Revolutionizing The Media Landscape

Sudan’s “Lost Boy” Turned Bishop Sheds Light on the Searing Crisis No One Wants to Talk About

Video Dispatch from CA: Why Los Angeles Is The Epicenter Of Veteran Homelessness In The Country

VIDEO - Meet the wounded Russians fighting for Ukraine

VIDEO - Dispatch from Montana: Healing war wounds and the power of ethical bow hunting

VIDEO - Ten Years On: How Benghazi Survivor Kris “Tanto” Paronto made peace with tragedy and turned his tumultuous life around

VIDEO - Dispatch from Albania: Inside the Iranian Opposition Compound where Survivors of Regime Recount Unfathomable Abuse

VIDEO Dispatch from Gitmo Part Two: Tinged with Paranoia, Life Hums on Inside Guantanamo Bay. But should the detention center ever be shut down?

VIDEO Dispatch from Gitmo Part One: What I learned inside Guantanamo Bay and the Detainee Accused of Bombing the USS Cole

VIDEO: Sadr steps down from politics: will it lead to an Iranian infiltration?

How Blockchain Technology Can Help Combat Modern Slavery

Dispatch from Baghdad: ISIS Terrorists On Trial

What to Expect as the Defense Industry Enters The Fighting Fields Of Web3

Dispatch from Baghdad: Meet Iraq’s ‘Tiger King’ Christian Leader Backed By Iran And Suing America While He Raises An All-Female Militia

Dispatch on the Anniversary of the Afghanistan Fall

Dispatches from Baghdad: Iraq’s forgotten Turkmen minority call for help to find the girls and women snatched away by ISIS

Meet the Old Breed: The Marine Rugby Club Devoted to the Fallen

Dispatches from Idaho: Exploring the dangerous world of human flight

Breaking News: Hollie Talks about Her Years of Tracking Al Qaeda Leader Ayman al-Zawahiri

Dispatch from Hawaii: How an Aussie Navy veteran who lost limbs to a shark attack has become one of the world’s biggest advocates for their protection

Dispatch: The Plight of Women in Afghanistan

Dispatch from Baghdad: Inside The Mind Of An Iran-Backed Militia Leader In Iraq Plotting Revenge On America

Dispatch: Retired British Paratrooper Details Tortuous Six-Month Detainment in Afghanistan

DISPATCH FROM THE MIDDLE EAST: How To Get Away with Killing Americans In Terrorist Attacks: One Father’s Chilling Story


DISPATCH FROM IRAQ: Deep inside ancient Babylon, ripped apart by destruction and looting

DISPATCHES FROM MEXICO: Tripping on a powerful psychedelic

DISPATCHES FROM PUERTO RICO: What’s behind the new offshore Silicon Valley

DISPATCHES FROM MEXICO: Behind America’s failed War on Drugs

DISPATCHES FROM IRAQ: What is really going on in Baghdad five years after ISIS defeat

DISPATCHES FROM IRAQ: The ongoing impact of ISIS and a little note about protecting your privacy

DISPATCHES: The Stateless Children of ISIS Fighters and One Marine’s Journey from Ballet to the Battlefield and Back to Ballet

DISPATCHES FROM AROUND THE WORLD: Surviving Taliban Detainment, Confessions of a Hitman in Mexico, and Elusive Justice in El Salvador

Dispatch from Iraq: A Quick Report from Baghdad

DISPATCHES FROM EUROPE: Inside Ukraine’s First Crypto-Funded Evacuation Effort, and What it Takes to Bring Putin Down from the Inside

Dispatches from DC: How Blockchain can Revolutionize America’s Military, Why the FBI is one of the world’s largest Bitcoin holders and WTF is this Metaverse thing?

DISPATCH: Mohammad Wali, a Decorated Afghan Commando's Journey

DISPATCH: Elaine Fischel, Lawyer for the Defense at the Japanese War Criminal Trials

Audio Episode: Hollie Shares Her Thoughts about World Press Freedom Day

DISPATCHES FROM AUSTRALIA: The emotion and memories of an ANZAC March

Dispatches: A New Content Platform Launching Soon and Afghanistan is Not Forgotten

Dispatches: Surviving the Brutal Burmese Army

Dispatches: The challenges of prosecuting Russian war crimes in Ukraine, and why some U.S. allies refuse to condemn Moscow’s unprovoked war

New Afghanistan Coffee Table Book: The End of the U.S. Footprint and Rise of the Taliban Rule

DISPATCHES FROM UKRAINE: Leaving children behind, Russian propaganda, military casualties, and Afghanistan bonus

Dispatch from Hollie: A Journalist's Eye View of Kyiv and the Train Ride of Out of Ukraine

DISPATCHES FROM UKRAINE: What Russian Foot Soldiers Do Inside Occupied Terrain, Saboteurs Using Ambulances, Top Ballet Dancer Becomes Military Medic, and Behind the Death and Destruction

DISPATCHES FROM UKRAINE: Mariupol Escape, Nuclear Threats, and Grim Recoveries

Dispatch from Ukraine: Hollie Answers Internet Questions About People's Morale, Warfighting, and Strategy

DISPATCHES FROM UKRAINE: Everyday Kyiv Life, Grannies Making Molotov Cocktails, Holocaust Survivors, Shooting Victims and the Plight of the Physically Disabled Who Cannot Leave

DISPATCHES FROM UKRAINE: Medical Angels, Russian Corpses, The Actor Who Took Up Arms to Guard Presidential Buildings and the Tragic Besieging of Kyiv

Dispatches from Ukraine: Hollie Answers Question from Kyiv on Day 11 of the War

DISPATCHES FROM UKRAINE: Kyiv’s Airport Frontline, Putin the “Antichrist,” Spotting Russian Saboteurs, Driving Across the Country, What Fleeing Mothers Tell Children, and Inside the Russian Mind

Dispatches from Ukraine: Chat from Kyiv

DISPATCHES FROM UKRAINE: Inside the Anguished Fight, Terrifying Russian Super Missile and Ukrainians at the Front Line

Dispatches: China disappearances, a legendary Afghan lion and the Taliban's reliance on suicide bombers

DISPATCHES: Biden’s inhumane Afghan frozen funds plan, Ukraine’s Air Power Problem and Russian Propaganda

DISPATCHES FROM UKRAINE: The Chemical Threat, and How to Start a War

DISPATCHES FROM UKRAINE: On the Eastern Ukraine Frontlines, Women Fighters and the Fate of Russia’s Annexed Crimea

Dispatches from Ukraine: Weekend Update with Hollie McKay from Kyiv

DISPATCHES FROM UKRAINE: “Second Amendment” Planning, the Dangerous Suwalki Corridor and What Ukrainians Want From Washington

Wars for Oil+ War Crimes: Would the U.S. still invade Iraq today?

DISPATCHES: Inside the Taliban’s Air Force and the incredible story behind the role U.S. federal marshals and Robert De Niro played in catching one of Italy's most wanted men

BONUS EXCERPT: The story of Hala from “Only Cry for the Living: Memos from Inside the ISIS Battlefield”

Dispatches: A victory for tortured Syrians and what is going on in Guantanamo Bay twenty years on

Dispatches: Who is the U.S. government’s most wanted American-born terrorist?

Dispatches: What I learn from the Syrian children burned by bombing